Not Supposed to Get Feral


I'm not supposed to get feral

As in I imagine my whole life with you

As in you only have eyes on me

As in you send love letter to me

I'm not supposed to be in love
As in im going to hurt myself;
By trusting you, by wasting my time
Just getting to know you
As in you only my distraction

I trust the universe
To release this temporary feeling
It should go
It's not good for my business



Little Thing Matters

Little thing I wish you could relate
One day on my bravery attitude
Like the soldier ready to war
Fight against mind battle
Finally I can declare
I won

It's an honour to be a winner
After some years contemplating
The thought of "you only live once" consumes
Thank you for celebrate it with me
Even though you didn't notice



Death Note


Wish I have death note
Maybe your name going to be in it
The way you don't control your words
The way you rarely be grateful
The way you spread negativity
Make me closed my mouth;
From releasing unwanted fluid

I wonder
Who hurt you so bad?
Until you hurt people that bad, too
You apologized
But it's not sincere;
Since I know you repeat the same mistakes
Once a habit, it is going to be one with yours

There is no impossibility

Someday in the future

I hope you will heal your wounds

Your day will be filled with rainbows

From releasing the good words from your mouth


Ratri Hevi

Ratri Hevi Syaida. Lahir di Probolinggo, 9 Mei 2002 yang sedang menyelesaikan studinya di Malang dengan jurusan Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar. Memiliki hobi dalam membaca dan menulis sebagai ungkapan kekesalan maupun kegembiraan dalam menjalani hari-hari.


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